A Hilarious Healing Game and creating the Dodo Derby

Two artists, a sculptor and a performance artist, were selected to spend a month at Baraka creating a Hilarious Healing Game for two local communities, Millbrook and Stanfordville. The two artists, Lily Cheng and Steph Wadman, hail from different backgrounds and geographies, but came together to create the Dodo Derby, a game that challenges and provokes the communities to unite in the Dodo spirit of shedding inhibitions. The game took form in man powered cart-like structures inspired by common and exotic birds, the Rooster, Penguin, Flamingo, and Turkey. 


The artistic duo states that they want to "encourage participants and ourselves to experience different perspectives through interaction with our work. Responding to Baraka’s call to make a “hilarious healing game," we approached how to foster a feeling of unity and loss of inhibitions through a common goal and physical silliness... Inspired by the nostalgia and love of cars of the Stanfordville community, we created a derby as an accessible, fun and challenging way to highlight everyone’s different and possibly hidden strengths. Similar to summer picnic games, the Dodo Derby starts with the drive to be the fastest as an entry point into the joy of creative flailing with others."

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Artistication@BARAKA 2012

Artists from throughout the world participated in an exhibition/residency program. The project sought to create place-responsive artworks that incorporated site, its role in community, and the use of dialogue and synergy between artists as critical links to a better understanding of both process and intent. Artists participated in pairs, each for one month. Each pair engaged in dialogue with the community and exhibited their works at the conclusion of their residency.

Transfourming Sorrow Installation 2015

A 100th anniversary commemorative multimedia installation that paid tribute to the systematic decimation of the Armenian population in Anatolian Turkey that began in 1915. Kardash invited all people to mourn their own grief in the "Womb of Sorrow" and transcend their sorrow in the "Field of Transfourmation." 


Dedicated to the memory and legacy of Raul Hague


A month long residency was offered to two artists who work in the discipline of direct carving. The mission of the 2016 Baraka Residency was to provide selected sculptors with time in an open, natural environment where they could incorporate into their work the four disciplines of philosophy, science, art, and spirituality.  Preference was given to individuals inclined to engage the “Tao of direct carving” and who strive for universality in their work. Each artist was given a log to carve, a workspace, and access to hand and power tools.

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