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Megan Pfefferkorn, June 15-July 15

A Music Composition and Performance Artist from Pasadena, CA

"I came to Baraka to work on a collection of songs that began (in my mind, years ago) as an exploration of the Biblical book of Lamentations. I had ten sketches of songs for this collection that I intentionally left open; with the goal of working on them during a residency that would offer the kind of immersion (I suspected) they needed.


Musically, I wanted to explore vocal timbre and compositional spaciousness. Conceptually, I was interested in connecting the challenges of family dynamics (micro-community) with our stewardship to the planet (macro-community) and discuss generational inheritance and the breaking of spells…


My time at the Baraka residency was rich and expansive.

I was able to flesh out all of the song-sketches I brought with me. I thrived on a balanced diet of gardening and finger-picking. I ran hard through the forests around Stanfordville cranking Meredith Monk in my ears and feeling very held by all the green. The space was exactly what I needed and more than what I could have hoped for." Megan

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