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Sept 16, 2017

Stanford Community Community Day, Dodo Derby

Stanfordville Community Day


Sept 18, 2017

Dodo Derby press

Sept 9, 2017

Millbrook Community Day, Dodo Derby

Millbrook Community Day

Millbrook Community Day


Sept 3, 2017

2017 Artists in Residence Update, Dodo Derby

Free to the public

All ages welcomed

Dodo Derby is brought to you by Lily Cheng and Steph Wadman, artists in residence at the Baraka Center for Three Dimensional Experimentation. This year’s artists in residence have been focused on creating a challenging, interactive game which combines the nostalgia of a soap box derby with the coordination and antics of a three legged race for the Stanfordville Community Day on September 16, 2017.  

The collaborative duo is taking back the phrase ‘Going the way of the Dodo’ by creating a racing course that challenges you physically and humorously. Points can be earned for the more people you can get across the finish line, affectionately dubbed the “clown car effect.” The races are designed to suit all ages and invites all types to join.

Millbrook Library
September 9, 10AM - 2PM
Stanfordville Community Day
September 16, 10AM - 3PM
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