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2019 Artists: 

Nathan Williams

August 19-September 18, 2019

Nathan is an architect by profession and a collage artist as well as working in wood, wax, textiles and metals. He has sculpted in clay, wood, steel, and bronze; created assemblage; as well as (in)habitable structures, furniture and architecture.


“At times I’ve approached issues of equality and marginalization in my work through content. This year I’ve been creating content for a collage series addressing issues of migrations; a loaded topic in the days of so many wars and increasing walls. That series is overlaying the stories of the abolitionist Underground Railroad, specifically between Brooklyn north east of the Hudson River. This I’m contrasting with Ben Okri’s “Famished Road.”


“I hope to continue my explorations of African Diasporic creative process, theory and practice; and how that might translate in this experience. I’m interested in the places where spirit, space, race and place intersect. I’m extremely open to flow with the experience.”


Nathan’s recent works can be found at

Megan Pfefferkorn

Music Composition and Performance Artist, Pasadena, CA

June 15-July 15, 2019

I think music is quite 3D. The ideas I’m interested in exploring right now really center around vocal timbre and compositional spaciousness; these could be considered sonic equivalents to playing with depth/ the third dimension.


I would like to work on a collection of songs that have been germinating in my heart/mind for the last few years. The project originally began as an exploration of the Biblical book of Lamentations (in form and material). I have around ten sketches of songs for this collection that I’ve intentionally left open; with the goal of working on them during a residency that would offer the kind of immersion and focus I’d love to give them.


I’m a recent convert to the belief that creative artists’ serve this purpose---the healing of the world. This responsibility really curbs my previous existential angst and pushes me forward in a new way. The new material I’ve begun working on has a lot to do with generational inheritance.

Conceptually, I’m interested in connecting the challenges of family dynamics (micro-community) with our stewardship to the planet (macro-community). It is my hope that what I write about brings healing and release to the listener.



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