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Galleries 2012-2016:


Dedicated to the memory and legacy of Raul Hague


A month long residency was offered to two artists who work in the discipline of direct carving. The mission of the 2016 Baraka Residency was to provide selected sculptors with time in an open, natural environment where they could incorporate into their work the four disciplines of philosophy, science, art, and spirituality.  Preference was given to individuals inclined to engage the “Tao of direct carving” and who strive for universality in their work. Each artist was given a log to carve, a workspace, and access to hand and power tools.

70-year old Beech tree

70-year old Beech tree

Outdoor studio frame

Outdoor studio frame

Building 2nd outdoor studio

Building 2nd outdoor studio

Day 1 Gabriel & Sahag cut log lengths for their carvings

Working together to transport logs to their outdoor carving stations

Gabriel experiments with different arrangements

Sahag makes his first cut

Sahag sanding & shaping

Gabriel carving with tools he made & brought from Senegal

Sahag tests the balance

Sahag shaping the bowl interior

A day of dual sanders

Preparing cement for the base

Preparing earth for the base

Blackening with fire

Testing the arrangement of his pieces

Finished piece "c'est ici"

Finished piece "c'est ici"

By Gabriel

Guests interact with Gabriel

Gabriel talks about his process

The community viewing the sculptures

Sahag explains his piece

Gabriel & Sahag

Artistication@BARAKA 2012

Artists from throughout the world participated in an exhibition/residency program. The project sought to create place-responsive artworks that incorporated site, its role in community, and the use of dialogue and synergy between artists as critical links to a better understanding of both process and intent. Artists participated in pairs, each for one month. Each pair engaged in dialogue with the community and exhibited their works at the conclusion of their residency.

Francois Fuertie making propeller blades for his Unidentified Flying Cupola

Francois Fuertie sculpting his tree piece

Scultpor Charlie Hachadourian’s lost wax “anti vessels”

Charlie Hachadourian applying wax for earth formed “anti vessels”

Charlie Hachadourian and Ara pouring plaster into an earth “anti vessel”

Edith Abeita preparing tree dome for her performance piece

Poorang Nori building a tonir oven

Poorang Nori covering unearthed roots with common spices from Iran

Poorang Nori baking Lavash bread in a tonir oven

Huckleberry Party Performance Piece

Francois Futerie's Unidentified Flying Cupola (UFC) installed in the town of Stanfordville

Hamlet Hovsepian abstract painter from Armenia

Francois Feutrie from Rennes, France and his Unidentified Flying Cupola (UFC)

Hamlet Hovsepian Russian educated abstract painter from Armenia

Poorang Nori and Owen O'Connor unearth a tree root

Poorang Nori's unearthed root covered in turmeric spice

BARAKA Campus:

Cement mosaic workspace

Exterior of artist living space

Artist residence interior

Artist residence interior

Garden eating area

Flower and vegetable garden

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